About Us.

About Us

Sonology is a young and dynamic company that offers services for events, media and telecommunications facilities. From clubs, theatres and venues to radio stations and recording studios.

Our professional staff helps us to ensure success in every project we take. Working meticulously and paying attention to the small details to help us provide fast response at all times.

On the other hand we have a research and development (R&D) department that works to bring to reality every project and needs from our clients.

All this while it works every day developing new systems that enable us to improve our existing services and offer new ones giving the company a continued evolution.

Why Sonology?

Sonology takes creative mind in every step. Sometimes simple details to complement the design are left or the technology used is not used to its maximum. This are some areas where attention to detail gives better results for the client budget. We combine design and creativity with our knowledge of the media technologies. So, besides it is the creative design for a concert, the design of telecom facilities or a conference the approach is always the same: Creativity, attention to detail, style and  functionality.

Health and safety is extremely important in our business. Ensure the safety of the assistants and the stuff is our first priority in every project we start. In all the work we make a complete risk assessment is made and all the methods that the employees have to follow are established to reduce potential risks. Making a risk assessment and not following it has no sense, to ensure compliance of the risk assessment a head project manager is always present during the job supervising that all the staff follows the risk assessment.

Above all we love our work. Every production is managed by a full time project manager and not by a freelance employee, ensuring that the passion, enthusiasm and experience is transmitted to all the company. In this way we make sure that every project succeeds and we create a high level of satisfaction to all the team.

Integrity and honesty is what you’ll get from us. If we believe something could be improved we will communicate it to the client. But, at the same time we will offer different options, inspired by our experience, that from our point of view will work better. We like to benefit our client of our experience and understand the pros and cons of every decision we make.